Listen to what some of our customers have to say.   Here are some testimonials and praise we have received. If you have one to share please email us and we will add it to the page. 

"My boat was damaged in a fire and Rob from Raybo was very responsive and professional in dealing with the claim. Needing fire restoration, new paint and gel coat, Raybo did a fantastic job making the boat look brand-new. Working on budget and on time while keeping me in the loop on all details, Raybo were consummate professionals"

Peter G.

"Rob, Once again thank for your support last summer! I cant ever express how good it is to know an HONEST man in the boating/repair business. Its nice to know that there is someone who I can really trust."

- Jody S.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. I was very happy with your workmanship and would highly recommend you."

- Jimmy CM.

"After our Sea Ray Sundancer 270 sustained storm damage to its fiberglass, rails and pulpit, which was cracked open on the underside, a friend who had his boat repaired by Raybo Marine recommended we bring our's there. Well, sure enough, Raybo Marine did an amazing job on our Sea Ray. She looks as good as new and we can't even see where the damage was. All of the scratches and gouges are gone, and the pulpit looks brand new!  We were worried about it as it's a Sea Ray part that has been discontinued, but Raybo molded it perfectly!"

- Rich & Dana
Bellmore, NY

"Raybo Marine did an EXCELLENT job restoring our 1989 36' Sport-Craft Express.  The paint job was flawless and no detail was overlooked.  Their customer service is unmatched.  I started off as a customer and ended up as a friend."  

- Randy Hassell
Massapequa NY

"Raybo Marine completed work for me on several occasions over the past five years, sometimes small and sometimes large projects, and I have always been more than happy with the results. To say that Raybo provides distinguished craftsmanship is an understatement and Rob’s legendary attention to detail is relentless. Without reservation, I would enthusiastically recommend Raybo Marine for any job that requires fiberglass, paint or general repair and/or reconstruction of a vessel. That is my brief testimonial but keep reading if you would like to hear the entire story.

Like many vintage boat owners I was forced to deal with ethanol related engine problems that were ultimately traced back to the fiberglass fuel tank. In short order Raybo was able to provide me with a detailed budget and timetable for the removal and replacement of the fuel tank that was, much to my relief, straightforward and understandable. Of course, once you lift the deck off a 1972 Bertram you are bound to find trouble below and that is where Raybo’s experience proved invaluable. Wood rot, ancient wiring and plumbing that defied logic were all addressed by Rob and his team in an organized manner and it wasn’t long before the project expanded to paint and other cosmetic upgrades.

During this overhaul, if Rob had to deviate from his original estimate I received a phone call with a concise explanation of the problem and , more importantly, the cost associated with the solution. I mention this because I am quite conscious of costs and Raybo’s prices were very fair. In fact, I definitely got more value than I paid for in terms of quality and workmanship. Essentially, Raybo Marine rebuilt my 1972 Bertram from the inside out with such care that I am absolutely certain that the boat is in better condition now than the day it left the factory.

Throughout this process Rob provided sound advice on color schemes and structural solutions that were different than my own and I learned to respect his opinion on such matters. He also worked well with outside vendors and when confronted with a metal bending issue, Raybo contracts with other “hard to find” specialists who share his passion for high quality craftsmanship so you don’t have to worry the end product. With regard to fiberglass and paint, you can confidently just drop your boat off and pick it up without a worry because that is where Raybo Marine truly shines.

At the end of the day, Rob’s wealth of knowledge and experience allow the boat owner to have complete confidence that the job will get done properly the first time. Whether you have a restoration project like mine or you simply have a few dings and scratches that you would like to have cleaned up, Raybo Marine should be your first phone call."


- Joseph A. Zock
Montauk, NY

"I owned my 2005 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer less than 1 month when hurricane/tropical storm Irene hit Long Island. Even taking precaution of added lines and bumpers, i took considerable damage to the port side due to high winds and high tide. The piling impaled and punched a hole into the port side and removed the rub rail in a couple spots. There was also rub damage up and down the side of the hull again due to the same piling. To say, i was miserable with indecision would of been an understatement. I asked around to see who my friends would recommend, and the same name kept coming up. RAYBO MARINE.

Being a blue colored hull, this made the repair job even more labor intensive and difficult to handle. The only answer was to repaint the entire hull with IMRON paint to have the entire hull match accordingly.

I got in touch with Rob at Raybo and worked out a delivery date. At that point Rob took care of just about everything else. From getting adjusters to working with my insurance company. Rob was professional and courteous the entire process. He was also busy with other customers due to the same storm. He even let me work on my boat while it was laid up.

The pictures say it all. I get numerous compliments on the boat wherever we dock. I challenge people to guess where the repair work was done, and so far only one person got it correct. (He had the same exact problem 3 yrs before.) I recommend RAYBO to everyone who asks and would not hesitate to use his services again. Hopefully not too soon though."

- Tim Canter

"Raybo Marine brings experience, attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to quality to levels that are unrivaled in the marine industry. Rob has an uncanny insight into how design, functionality, color, and the lines of a boat come together for an exceptional result for his customers. Rob’s vast experience, reputation for excellence and craftsmanship made it an easy decision for me to bring my boat to him from North Carolina on more than one occasion with complete satisfaction."

- Dave B.
Triple Crown

"I can not give enough praise and thanks to Raybo Marine. My story is one of revitalization and dedication. Rob's knowledge and innovation is second to none in the boating restoration industry. I purchased my 1984 mako 224 back in 2005 and almost immediately realized I was in over my head and needed intervention. After a quick internet search, there I found RAYBO Marine services. Keep in mind that I was 180 miles away from Raybo's shop and living in south Jersey. That 180 mile haul was the best road trip of my life. 

Rob is a complete professional, dedicated and honest man. Rob has the ability through his vast knowledge and experience to fix any vessel. His craftsmanship is based on experience and innovation"

Paul Notine


After meeting with other fiberglass repair shops and being unsatisfied with their ability to provide a detailed estimate, timely responses to my questions and a clear timeframe to complete the work I was referred to Rob at Raybo Marine.

Rob sat down with me to discuss my overall vision of the restoration of my 1969 31’ Bertram.  After close inspection of the boat he provided a detailed estimate of the work that needed to be completed and offered his experiences of what needed to be done to do the job the right way.  Not only did they complete fiberglass, structural and paint work but also restored original parts and those that were beyond repair Rob was able to source high quality parts that stayed true to the original design.

Raybo Marine exceeded my expectations, keeping me plugged into their progress, adhering to the estimate, finishing in a timely manner and above all impeccable craftsmanship.

While the restoration of my beloved Bertram is far from complete we accomplished more than I expected given the limits of my budget.  I am looking forward to working with Raybo Marine in the future to complete my restoration!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Pete Palmieri
Babylon, NY

Thank you again for the great job you did solving the leaking problem on my boat. It is now almost 2 years since you have done the work and everything is perfect. Not only did you solve and fix my problems but you also restored a number of cosmetic issues that I had. My boat is a 2002 Pursuit that looks brand new thanks to your work. I always recommend you to all my boating friends.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Regards, Basil 

Dear Rob,

I called you immediately following the storm (Sandy), which damaged my 2000 310 Searay Sundacer.

I have known of Raybo Marine for many years,  when I was younger we always went to Raybo for all our repairs. As I am older and not bouncing off of docks and what have you the need for repair became unnecessary for many years. Until Sandy. Rob called me with in a day even as he had his own Sandy related problems to take care of and his family. From start to finish the repairs on my boat were done promptly and when Rob said it would be finished. The work that was performed was nothing else but unbelievable. The boat came back to me as it used to be- in show room condition.

Raybo seems to still be the leader in fiberglass repair and fabrication on Long Island and be successful at it. Thank you to Rob and to the employees at Raybo for a job well done

Sincerely Tony D.
Islip, NY

Our boat suffered damage in hurricane Sandy.  We had rub rail damage all around the boat, including several areas where the damage went entirely through the fiberglass.  We also had deep scratches all around the hull and damage below the waterline. After asking around for a reputable repair shop, several people had recommended Rob at Raybo Marine.  I called  Rob and he was out at my marina right after the storm giving me his thoughts on the damage.  Luckily my insurance covered all the damage that the boat sustained.

Several months later my boat was transported to Raybo to begin the repairs.  Rob was extremely helpful in offering suggestions that would make my boat even better than before.  He helped me pick out the color and make great suggestions on upgrades. My boat was finished when promised and the results were unbelievable.  People who saw the boat prior to the repairs could not believe it was the same boat.  From the hull paint, to the gunnel repairs, new rub rail and the freshly painted motors, the boat looks 10 years newer. 

The process was headache free, as Rob took care of everything from the transport of the boat to and from his shop as well as transporting it to a yamaha shop when we found an issue with one of our motors.  We got our boat back nice and clean as as good as new.  It was great working with someone who did what he said he would and takes such pride in the finished product no matter what.  To say I would recommend Rob at Raybo is an understatement.  I wouldn't think about using anyone else in the future.  Thanks Rob!!

- Orlando D, Wantagh, NY

My boat had hull damage both above and below the water line from Hurricane Sandy. I was a bit behind the 8-ball going into repairs because I was listening to the wrong people. Once I was recommended to Rob at Raybo, I gave him a call and it was absolutely the best decision I had made. He came out, looked at my boat and a couple months later the boat was transported and the work began.  Rob's attention to detail is remarkable in every aspect of what he does.  I have a colored hull and he made suggestions that made my boat look phenomenal. Rob was in constant communication with me throughout the process, and he truly is a man of his word!  The boat came back and looks amazing, I could not be happier.  There is no one else I would ever recommend besides Rob at Raybo.  Thank you Rob for always being honest and taking pride in what you do, it was a pleasure working with you.


- Jennifer K. Massapequa, NY

I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to Rob and his team for the fine job they did in restoring my 25" C-Hawk to better than new condition after it was damaged by Super Storm Sandy.  During Sandy my boat came off of my lift in Massapequa Cove and was deposited into my neighbor's back yard suffering considerable damage to the starboard hull and gunwale.    My boat was recovered with a crane and barge and brought over to Alhambra Marina in Seaford where Rob was able to view the damage, explain to me the work that needed to be done, and provide me with a very reasonable estimate.  I was out of New York for the entire time that Rob was working on my boat but Rob kept me posted on progress with photos he emailed to me.  Upon returning to New York and seeing my boat I was frankly shocked that my old damaged and gelcoat worn hull could be made to look as beautifully new as it was.  Rob and his team at Raybo are true artists and craftsmen.  I can't thank them enough (and I highly recommend their work).

- Fred Dietz
Massapequa, New York 

My grandfather purchased a 22' Chris Craft Cutlass Cuddy in 1978.  I created countless memories with him on that boat pulling every type of fish imaginable over the sides.  After his sudden passing, the boat was passed on to me.  To honor him and the boat that I knew I would keep in the family for as long as I could, I decided to give it the proper love and affection she deserved. 

I brought a few people in to take a look at "Shaker," ultimately deciding that not only did I trust Rob (Raybo) the most, his reputation and quality of work, spoke for itself.  Not to mention, his price for the paint job on both the hull and topsides beat everyone out as well.  I feel that I was tremendously lucky to have him take on this project as he put as much time and effort into getting things perfect as I did. 

Rob searched EBay and other websites for rare parts and accessories.  It was a mission for him to find a rub rail that would not only match the cream color deck that was original (and matched perfectly by the new paint job), but he got it done.   He also replace the weathered logos, cleats and rod holders.  He took care to salvage and restore all of the existing hardware on the deck of the boat, sending parts out to be coated and cleaned so that as much of the original boat would be maintained.  The bow rail and anchors for it were restored.  He anchored in place a pulpit and added two new portholes.  Plumbing for a baitwell and saltwater washdown were added.  They recored both hatches on my boat, replaced lighting and when I first powered the boat up, gauges and lights that hadn't worked since I was alive were brought back from the dead. 

When I finally got the boat again and saw it completed, I couldn't believe how a 35 year old boat could shine.  I could see my reflection in the paint from 20 yards away.  There wasn't a single imperfection anywhere that Rob and his guys worked on.  The craftsmanship was second to none.  The boat looked like it rolled off a lot brand new. 

Two years later, no matter where I go, the boat turns heads.  From driving down my canal, docking at Fire Island, or anchoring at one of the local beaches, the amount of people who turn and ask me questions about the boat is incredible.  It doesn't matter whether the person asking owns a 70' yacht or a 15' center console, there isn't a single person who doesn't admire the work and attention to detail that was given to the "Shaker."  Rob provides an incredible service with incredible care, passion and craftsmanship.  Each boat that is taken out of the Raybo lot expresses this and whoever gets work done there obviously cares about the best working on there boat.  I could not have been happier with the professionalism and quality of the product I received.  I'm sure my Grandfather is smiling down at "Shaker" today, amazed at the job Rob and the Raybo team did.  

- Bryan G, Babylon NY 

I must send you this e-mail- even thou we spoke on Saturday, the repairs you and metal company accomplished are fantastic. There is no way to see original damage, and the color/ blending of materials is perfect.

I will highly recommend Raybo

Thank you, again

- Frank J, Douglaston NY 

Purchased a new-to-me 1974 Mako 20 with some prior bow area damage, and after a visit to Raybo over the following winter, Rob and his team repaired the damage and restored the boat to a condition where you would never know anything had ever happened.  Very happy with the outcome, and now will only bring my fiberglass work to Raybo

- George M, Sag Harbor NY

Since the day I picked up the Bluejacket II at the Fortier factory, I have had a love affair with my boat. The flag blue hull, stark white topsides and teak bright work made for a classic yet beautiful eye pleasing appearance.  Cruising around with the Bluejacket II has been like traveling with a movie star. People stopped me on the water or dropped by at the fuel dock and complemented the appearance of the boat.  But like so many things in life after 15 seasons and 2800 hours fishing time its shine had diminished and chalking was more and more evident with each passing season.  The flag blue hull was in need of a face lift.  

To say I am particular about my boat would not be an overstatement.  So selecting the right shop to perform the work was of critical importance. I was looking for  a shop that would deliver top quality  and on time performance, at a fair price.  My friend’s boat had been redone by Raybo post Sandy and I felt they could deliver the quality I was looking for. A few conversations with Rob and we arranged to have the hull painted in the fall of 2014. I could not be more pleased with the choice. The finished hull is spectacular-- better than new. Rob’s attention to details like the symmetry, shape and appearance of thru-hull fittings and boot stripe details around the exhaust pipe resulted in a significantly improved appearance from the original hull appearance. And Rob delivered the project on time and on budget.

I recommend Raybo without reservation to anyone seeking quality work at a fair price.

- Captain Mike Sullivan
Bluejacket II

I am incredibly happy that I brought my boat to Rob and the crew at Raybo Fiberglass. It required extensive repair in a tough to fix location and I was uncertain it could be done right so that it would look like it never happened. They took in my boat the day I called them, and did the repair expediently so that I could use the boat again in the very short NY summer. The boat looks better than new and there is nothing at all to show that there was any damage. Raybo did an absolutely incredible job on my boat. I read some of the other reviews and couldn't disagree more with the one that was negative. Rob was nothing but nice and very professional with me from start to finish. Very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Raybo for fiberglass repair.

                                                                                                                                                                         -Michael S. 


Rob has done repairs on my boats in the past, always top notch! Doesn't take short cuts and always goes above and beyond. Our business is across the street and we see the other work that comes out if there, always impressive. Thanks Rob!

                                                                                                                                                           -Dan , Marine Mate Lindenhurst


Raybo did an excellent job on my Pursuit in making some fiberglass repairs .Will always use them for any future repairs

                                                                                                                                                               -Anthony B


After months of trying to find someone to work on my boat, I came across Raybo Marine. Our boat was in need of some pretty intense structural and paintwork. Rob and his crew took on the job without any hesitation and the final product exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend Raybo Marine!!

                                                                                                                                                                    -Brett S. 


"The Best"- Robert G


Top quality work and very reliable. Hard things to find in the boat repair industry. The only place I'd trust to do glass and gel work on my boat.
                                                                                                                                                                        -John R