About us

This was started in 1964 as a side business fabricating fly bridges for locals when people knew little about fiberglass boats. There was no internet to watch YouTube videos and websites to gain information. You had to get your hands dirty. By the early 70's the business was getting too large to be part time and the decision was made to go full time.

In 1976 our current location here in Lindenhurst was purchased and a new building erected.  Other companies come and go but we have been a part of the local community for a reason- quality and consistancy.

Raybo Marine has always been family owned and operated always with an owner's hands-on approach. In February 2006 the founder of Raybo Marine, Tom and Carol Ray, sold the business to the current owner Rob who has worked here continuously since 1995.

The economy has changed the boating industry drastically, but one thing will always remain consistent - our pledge is to handle your boat as if it were our own regardless of its size and value. We treat you with the respect that a valued customer deserves. Call us and see why we have so many happy repeat customers. We dont do "and fiberglass", we ARE the fiberglass professionals. If someone is telling you they are certified this and approved that ask what that process was- they cant answer because there is no such thing. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.